Lantern & London Services

No two properties are alike and as such we work with our client to tailor the services we provide. Our extensive knowledge of residence management combined with a dedicated network of reputable and trusted contractors means we are able to handle just about every requirement our clients have.

Ensuring our clients feel confident in our ability to manage their property in a responsible and efficient manner is of the utmost importance to us.


Lantern & London provides a Residence Management aftercare service in the run up to the sale of a new property. Our team will manage the defects period on your behalf and arrange any further works required as well as overseeing the contractors.

We are able to assist during the viewing process by preparing the house for each potential buyer. Whether it is ensuring fresh flowers are in place, the windows are clean or the garden is neat and tidy, we can ensure your property is presented for sale exactly as you envisaged.

Should you wish to, you can include our Residence Management service as part of the sale of a property and we will provide a dedicated manager for the first year of new ownership. By doing so, the buyer will benefit from our full range of services and from the specific knowledge that we have built up during the defects period and sales process. This often works well in the absence of an in-house concierge team. After the first year the owner can then continue with the agreement independently.

Interior Designers

Following the completion of a project Lantern & London can take over from the project manager to manage the defects/snagging period and any future requests the client may have. Partnering this way enables your designer to move on to the next project, confident that the client is in good hands.

Lantern & London can come on board during the early stages to put together ongoing maintenance schedules and learn the ins and outs of the property. This way at handover we are fully equipped with the knowledge of how to run the sophisticated AV/BMS systems specific to the property.